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Have a thought for the deads

Midnight skies, a white moon above them. Maybe a couple cigarettes, or a joint i'm not really sure. But by these nights you need smoke gently comming out of your lungs and going to reach the moon. Because you wont. It's funny or depressing how you always stay on your space rock and never get to go anywhere else. You'll always stay on the same literally shitty soil. Resigned to live under an economic regime that dictate what you will like, find cool, dislike, hate. An economic system that choose to help or not help you, and people with disabilities know that it rarely choose to help you. So they will let you die. If you're dead you can't show the flaws of that system anymore. Because humans are now meant to produce, to work. But if you can't work you're not seen as a human. This goes with any ideology that sees work as the way you're meant to live. From fascists to social democrats they want you the alcoholic to be dead rather then have to pay you food, to invest in a psycatric hospital or more efficient way to help you. At best you'll stay 3 weeks at an hospital where they'll give you pills. And then they'll say "good luck, you better start working now!". And then it's okay for a couple years at best and you fall and everyone hope that time you'll die. That's especially the same thing with depression, and the other psychological "disorder" they'll call it being crazy. you scare them. Yea we're monster, because we're seen like that. So what are we gonna do now? Well i'm gonna party as hard as i can but that's not the point (it could be tho) . The logical thing to do is to kill yourself, right ? I can't answer. Honestly the right thing to do is to overthrow this system, break it, change all the philosophical beliefs that's behind it. But how to do that, no that's not really the right question, why should it be to the victims that are already tierd the fuck out their souls have to do it ? It' like if you ask a person on a wheeling chair to build all by themselves a ramp next to a stair.  You're not in right to judge someone that just decided to leave the ship, and now the ship is slowly sinking lmao. So have some respect and acknowledge the struggle that it was to do the step. And think about them with love, because you won't be happy if you hate them. Have a time for yourself, have a thought about the deads.


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une histoire d'A toute simple.

J’avais pour but, comme projet de faire la fête. Et oui la fête toujours la fête; se vider la tête ou se l’exposer tout dépend de la façon de voir les choses et surtout à qui tu poses la question. Il nous fallait prendre le train pour nous rendre a cette fête particulière, pour ne pas entrer dans les détails disons que c’est une fête marginale. J’étais avec 3 autres personnes, des gens merveilleux que j’aime de tout mon coeur, même s’il faut le reconnaître je ne prends pas toujours les meilleures décisions avec elleux. Et nous étions parti pour le Jura les poches pleines de stupéfiant et les mains vides. Une fois arrivés à notre arrêt de train une partie du wagon, surprenamment rempli pour ce train régional, sorti avec nous et nous nous entassâmes dans un minuscule car postal en direction d’un village perdu dans la vallée voisine, en direction de l’aventure. Je vous (re)passe les détails sur notre montée, mais nous avions à peine entamé notre montée quand nous étions au sommet. Et au

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I'm in Wallis for a few days with my parents. You can't escape your condition and god-damn I'm tired of hating myself because of my bourgeois family. Anyway I'm living in luxury, in a nice hotel with a spa. Everything is beautiful I have to say, so much old artifact here. Some ancient paintings and engraving are on the wall. I miss my guitar and the cold is unbearable, my phone battery doesn't last long outside. And it's for the better i can't text her. Today i blocked her from all my social networks, and i feel light now. A lot of things happened since I've wrote them. That's what i say to all my far away close friends. Well i lost my best friend and it hurts bad, really really bad. And It's all my fault. She helped me a lot and I'm very thankful for it. She helped me go thru what i thought was the hardest part of my life. Jokes on me it's right now the hardest part of my life and i feel alone, i miss her. Depression is though, it's